MNX T-Shirt 10th Anniversary Special Edition

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MNX T-Shirt 10th Anniversary *Special Edition *
MNX has been on stage for a decade! Celebrate 10 years of existence with us with these anniversary edition t -shirts with the original MNX pattern. Can be purchased with limited quantities. MNX - Since 2013 Made of a soft cotton mixture with the original MNX press.

MNX Classic T -Shirts.
made of soft cotton mixture ensuring maximum comfort,
MNX original print.
Special permit comprehensive printing, normal size.
Material: 100% Cotton (5% Contraction) Color: As Shown Style: Classic Weight: Approx. 250 grams of sizes: S/m, l/xl, xxl/3xl, 4xl/5xl


About the manufacturer

MNX Sportswear - sportswear for bodybuilding, fitness, leisure. The MNX team believes that sports and bodybuilding are not only activities but also a lifestyle. Our mission is to inspire athletes and bodybuilders to reveal their true potential by crossing boundaries and breaking obstacles at every step. MNX is created by passionate teams of athletes and designers, promoted by the pursuit of brand perfection. We understand what dedication and determination we need to achieve greatness, so we create a sportswear that works in the same way as you do. We only use the best materials and the most advanced technologies, so our products will not only motivate you, but also make you look and feel best. From high intensity training to leisure activities - we will help you. With every detail, carefully created and tested, we guarantee that our sportswear will help you at every step. Join us on this exciting journey when we strive to re -define the boundaries of human potential.


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